Happy Turkey Day



Happy Turkey Day


                                         Rejoice, be thankful, say grace, eat, do dishes..............

Keep Your Dog’s Obedience Skills Sharp

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Practice your dog's obedience skills, keep yourself in command, and your dog will also be focused on its job: patient wandering control.


Do you have authority over your dog or is she making decisions on her own?  If your dog is beginning to make small decisions by herself, disregarding what you've taught her, she'll soon test you to find out what else she can be in charge of.  You must make sure you're the leader at all times.  If your dog is testing you on a regular basis, you need to refresh her obedience training.  Keep her obedience skills sharp.  Make sure she remembers that when you are present she isn't going to call the shots and make her own choices.  Always demand respect and obedience from your dog.  When you do you will find that your dog's sound awareness skills will be much more focused and she'll be more efficient at her job: patient wandering control.  She'll realize that she's pleasing you in both arenas---her obedience and her work task.  By reminding her that you expect her obedience to be sharp she will also keep her job skills in excellent condition.  Together, you will keep your partnership solid.  You'll both be happier, more content.

Book Is Here and Available…Yahoo!

Jump For Joy

Jump For Joy
Book is done and available to purchase

 I'm delighted to announce that my book, CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME, How You Can Train Your Own Alzheimer's Dog In Your Own Home, is finished and available for purchase.  You may go on line to www.Authorhouse.com., www.Amazon.com., to Barns and Noble book stores or other book vendors to purchase it.  The book is available in soft cover, hard cover, and hopefully (by now) as an e-book.  It has been a grueling, challenging, provocative, frustrating and exhilarating six years.  Yahoo!  It is wonderful to be able to tell caregivers that they now have access to my book and thus the means to train their own dogs in their own homes.   I have shared (in lay woman's and man's language) all of the necessary tools and training techniques to accomplish this task.  Those people wanting/needing a canine partner to work with them to combat "patient wandering" will be delighted that they purchased the book.  It's now possible for caregivers to craft a working partnership with their dogs that will give them peace of mind and offer a myriad of therapeutic benefits for themselves, their patients and entire families.  I invite all interested persons to accompany me on this fantastic journey.  Learn how to teach your dog to hear for you.   




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You and your dog pulling together like horses to get the job done

Pulling together gets the job done_f

Like a team of horses, you and your dog, will pull together to get the job done

 As you become involved in the actual training of your dog there are going to be days that you will seriously question your sanity.  Why on earth did you ever start this?  What did you think you were doing?  Don't go there; don't second guess yourself.  If you did not have these days you would not be normal.  I say that  from my own experiences of years of training under my belt, and plenty of "doubting Thomas days."  As in any endeavor, you are going to have down days.  Expect them to appear and go on with your business.   Bad days are normal with everything.  Don't let them overcome you.  Don't get stuck in doubt.  Keep locked in your mind, the crystal clear image of yourself partnering with your dog, pulling in sync as a working team of horses, getting your job done together.  Hang onto that because that is what is real, not the bad day.  You are forging a real-time partnership with your dog for the benefit of your patient, family, self, and dog.  By keeping your goal solid in your mind you will accomplish it. 


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