Canine Necessary Room

snow fun for dog...cleanup mess for human

snow fun for dog...cleanup mess for human

January's thaw has hit.  Thank heavens for my "canine necessary room".  Any dog owner knows about this room.  Dogs are in and out of bad weather... they have the fun, the human partners clean up the mess.  Having a "necessary room" saves the day, my nerves, my back, and the relationship with my dog.  I expect the necessary room to be a mess, that's why I have it.  The rest of the house is clean and I definitely won't clean it several times a day.  

Those of us who have assistance dogs know that our dogs will be physically alerting us; the dogs will be making physical contact with us when they preform their work tasks.  An unclean canine translates into dirty clothing, houses and possessions.  We learn early to keep our dogs clean.  The necessary rooms make it possible for the dogs to dry off and then gives us acceptable places to clean them up prior to giving them free access to the rest of our abodes.  It's great to have our dogs understand that they must wait to be cleaned up and to realize that they will be asked to "sit-stay" in order to be dried off and cleaned up.  Both our necessary rooms and our dogs' basic obedience commands make for happy dogs and happy people. 

Now, aren't you glad that you put basic obedience training on your dog and have a designated area to keep them clean?

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