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Running to help you...Alzheimer's dog

Running to help you...Alzheimer's dog

I've been receiving some good questions regarding Alzheimer's dog and asking me where you can go for answers.   There are two places for information.  One is the site that you are now on: my interactive place that you and I can carry on conversations so that the information you want can also be shared by others.  So don't hesitate to ask me your questions.  Remember that the only silly question is the one you don't ask.


The second place for Alzheimer's dog information is my book CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME.  I wrote the book for just that reason: caregivers like yourself were contacting me for help and the best way to reach out to everyone was to write down the information.  In my book I answer questions in a lay persons language.  I teach you how to find the correct dog for your family (or factors to consider if you want to use your present dog) and how to teach your dog what it needs to know (in its own home by its special person...yourself) to become an Alzheimer's dog.  It may seem crazy to have the caregiver train their own dogs but it is not.  There is no doubt that caregivers will be able to complete the task, benefiting from the experience and probability do a better job than a professional trainer.  Who knows your home, your patient, and what your caregiver needs are better than yourself?  Believe me it is an exciting, rewarding road for you and your dog to travel together.

Caregiver Follow Me

How You Can Train Your Own Alzheimer's Assistance Dog In Your Own Home

To purchase the book CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME go to or  You will need to enter my name, Patti Putnam or the title of the book, CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME.  Let me know how you do.

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