Christmas Preparations

Christmas Tidings

Careful with Christmas and critters

In all the hustle of Christmas remember to make sure the inside and outside of your home is critter safe.  It is your responsibility to keep your animal(s) safe, just like you do for small children.  Curiosity will get the better of young animals, dogs are no exception.  They are going to investigate.  Place all unsafe, off-limit items far from nosey muzzles.  Be sure that cords inside and out are not within your dog's chewing vicinity.  Electricity and dogs don't mix.  Dogs have been known to tear down the newly decorated tree---be sure to anchor it.  If packages are decorated with ornaments keep them away from the dog's reach.   And if any chocolate is in the home put it away.  Chocolate can be lethal to animals.  Watch out for packaging material, specially those styrofoam ballls or "S" shaped pieces that are used to ship those wonderful gifts.  It is not so wonderful when the dog ingests it and has to be rushed to the vet clinic.  That styrofoam packing material, once in the dog, will swell up.  That is not something you want to deal with.  And monitor what your dog is eating during this time of excess.  Humans pack on weight, so do dogs.  Not good for either species.  Be sure to play it safe and if in doubt don't allow it near your dog.  Keep your common sense on all-alert status.  Enjoy the season more by taking breaks with your dog.  You both will benefit.

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