Do not squash alpha dog’s personality


Alpha Dog

Do not squash your dog's personality


An Alzheimer's dog must have enough energy to work 24/7.  However, you do not want the dog to be so keyed up that it is a Tasmanian devil, or conversely too lethargic, always moving in slow motion.  Neither extreme is good.  Thankfully, you can temper a dog's energy level.  Before you do anything have the dog checked by your veterinarian to make sure there is no physical reason for either extreme energy level.  Correct any physical problems and then start training your dog in obedience.  During obedience training you will cement the fact that you are boss, not your dog, and you will build a relationship.  Obedience teaches manners, it instructs the dog on your expectations, your tolerance levels, your standards.  Do not vacillate, remain consistent, and be astute for the canine that constantly tests the limits.  You can teach your dog acceptable manners.   Remember that the aloof and stubborn dog might turn out to be very sensitive, and that cute adorable canine might always be one step ahead of you.  Respect your dog's feelings, don't be heavy handed in your reprimands.  Do not squash your alpha dog's personality.  Never manhandle, bully or physically force your dog into submission.  That is unacceptable behavior from you.  You are not there to intimidate, but rather to set limits and lovingly correct misbehavior.  You want to reinforce your dog's good points and help restrain the negative ones.  You can do this in a humane manner which will garner you your dog's respect and thus increase your dog's willingness to please. 


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