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Spreading the word that CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME is available to everyone

Good News!  For those of you that need an Alzheimer's Assistance Dog, you can order my book and find out how to train your own dog in your own home.  You do not have to wait years for an organization to get you through the application process, to accept you, then wait for your name to come up to receive a dog, and wait again for the dog to be trained and placed with you.  Further, hovering over your head the entire time is the fact that you will be expected to pay thousands of dollars for, or generate thousands of dollars, to cover the cost of training and placing your dog.  There is nothing magical about creating an Alzheimer's dog.  You will need to know how to do it and I have designed my book (Caregiver Follow Me) to give you all the tools and data you will need to reach that goal.  You will be able to create a canine partner that can assist you in giving the best possible care to your Alzheimer's patient who lives at home with you.  Your dog will be your ally helping to control wandering while simultaneously giving a myriad of therapeutic benefits to yourself, your family, and your patient.  To obtain either the hard cover, soft cover or E-Book go to, or book vendors such as Barns and Noble.  I am delighted that it is available for you before Christmas.  Should you know of any person who would benefit from an Alzheimer's Assistance Dog please have them contact the above, or myself at  To help explain to them what an Alzheimer's dog is, and other pertinent information, send them to my blog at    The important thing is that through "word of mouth" you can make a difference in people's lives.  That's quite a gift for you to give.

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