How To Relieve Stress In Alzheimer’s Dogs

How To Relieve Stress In Alzheimer's Dogs

An unhappy, stressed out dog

Complicating Alzheimer's dog's work task is the fact that Alzheimer's is a progressive disease, with unexpected behaviors that create ongoing stress for the dog.  Just like its human counterpart, the dog can stress out too.  Without relief, the dog can become depressed, physically ill, and even not work up to its potential.


Relieve Stress for Your Dog With a Break Away from the Patient

You can help relieve stress for your dog simply by providing a safe, secured,  fenced area adjacent to the house, complete with a dog door, for the canine to toilet, exercise, and take a break in, without the caregiver having to personally let the dog in/out.  It keeps the dog's stress level at a minimum by granting the dog freedom to let off some energy and minimize aggravation caused by the dementia.  You take coffee breaks; the dog needs time away to rejuvenate, too.   The dog can decide when it needs to "get away"--go in/out by itself--not creating a hardship for the already overworked caregiver.  Remember to keep this area clean, free of fecal matter and all dangerous material that could hurt the dog.

Take free time with your dog each day--only the two of you together.

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