If Your Dog Is In Pain Don’t Expect It To Work Well

Aching teeth are not conducive to working well

If your dog's in pain or feeling bad don't expect it to work well

  I have had what I thought was a tooth ache for days now.  Dentist could not fix it.  Am taking Advil like candy.  Never had this before.  It's debilitating and the one thing on my mind is -- stop the pain.  I now realize that the statement I've been making for over 25 years to persons I've trained assistance dogs for is the absolute truth-- "If your dog is not in good health, if it is experiencing any type of pain, it can not do it's job properly--do not expect it too".  Therefore, keep your dog in good health at all times.  I am living proof of this.  When I'm feeling up to snuff I get my weekly post done on time.  This week, with the aggravation of not only my tooth but now both my upstairs and downstairs teeth "barking " at me, I completely forgot to do my blog.  And since the only thing I can concentrate upon is getting rid of the pain it just made sense to hit hard, the fundamental fact: working dogs must be kept in good health in order to do their best work.  Take all necessary preventative steps to insure that your dog is feeling good and if something is off--- get to the vet.

Sick or injured dogs can't work well

Sick or injured dogs can't work well


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