In Memory of Micki-Jean



Even though she had been having hip problems for the past year, she had only slowed down alittle.  Just yesterday she was cruising around the back yard, digging in the dirt, having a great time.  We went to bed last night, everyone of the critters tucked into their beds scatter around my bedroom.  We slept great.  Got up and MJ's back legs would not hold her up.  Looking into her eyes I knew.  She's now in my "critter resting place" behind my barn in my woods with all of her friends.   I know for certain they were all there to greet her as she passed over the rainbow bridge.

 I found Micki-Jean languishing in an animal shelter.  She was a stray.  No one knew anything about her history, only that she did not have much longer before they were going to to put her to sleep.  She passed the assistance dog test with flying colors so I scooped her up and brought her home.  She delighted me.  I guessed  that she was part corgi, part spaniel.  Her front legs were shorter than her hind legs so she always sat crooked, and she usually had one ear up and alert, the other at half-mast.  To me she was beautiful, with a comedian's personality.  She was known best for her "Betty-Boop gait.  Micki knew all of her sounds for hearing dog and  Alzheimer's dog.  She was a tremendous canine advocate for assistance dogs, performing demonstrations whenever I needed her.  She has gone from my hands but never my heart.

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