Keep Your Dog’s Obedience Skills Sharp

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Practice your dog's obedience skills, keep yourself in command, and your dog will also be focused on its job: patient wandering control.


Do you have authority over your dog or is she making decisions on her own?  If your dog is beginning to make small decisions by herself, disregarding what you've taught her, she'll soon test you to find out what else she can be in charge of.  You must make sure you're the leader at all times.  If your dog is testing you on a regular basis, you need to refresh her obedience training.  Keep her obedience skills sharp.  Make sure she remembers that when you are present she isn't going to call the shots and make her own choices.  Always demand respect and obedience from your dog.  When you do you will find that your dog's sound awareness skills will be much more focused and she'll be more efficient at her job: patient wandering control.  She'll realize that she's pleasing you in both arenas---her obedience and her work task.  By reminding her that you expect her obedience to be sharp she will also keep her job skills in excellent condition.  Together, you will keep your partnership solid.  You'll both be happier, more content.

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