Patti Putnam

Patti Putnam author of Alzheimer's Dog Training

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Patti Putnam

Author of Alzheimer's Dog Training


Patti Putnam knows how critical it is to get timely help to stressed-out, over-loaded caregivers.  In the early 1990s, she used her assistance dog training skills and techniques and applied them to the arena of dementia that produced the first prototype Alzheimer's assistance/service dog.

She has been frustrated ever since due to the inordinate amount of time it takes to produce a dog and at such a tremendous cost. She knows that there is no realistic way that Alzheimer's dogs can be trained and partnered to all of the deserving pre-qualified caregivers. Fatigued caregivers do not want, nor should they have to wait years for a dog to be trained for them at a major cost of thousands of dollars.

Caregivers need help now

Therefore, acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Patti wrote a book detailing exactly how a caregiver can successfully train their own dog within their own home.

Caregivers do not have to be dependant upon professional providers of trained dogs to ensure that they can have access to these canines. The dedicated caregiver can do this themselves. The author uses lay-women's terminology--that anyone can understand--in order to teach the caregiver how to get his job done in a timely manner without an expensive price tag.

Patti knows her subject and is able to relate it in terms that are concise and easy to follow. Any caregiver who is in need of a partner to help them give the best possible care to their loved one(s) should buy this self-help book.

What caregiver would not want their own ally to assist them in their caregiving responsibilities? Especially a trained dog--their partner--that is warm, loving, offering companionship and empathy, who is realiable, can listen to complaints and repeated stories, can take the edge off of dementia and help everyone to smile. With your dog working with you by your side, you are no longer alone.  Amen.

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  • Patti says:

    Have been receiving some emails that don’t make any sense from the blog address, so am going to send one to myself now and see if it arrives. PPP

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