Pertinent Information Regarding Correction Collar and Lead


My collar doesn't fit me..its too big

How can I learn when my collar's too big and my handler has the lead too tight? I don't want to be choked!

You want the dog's attention to be on you.  To help facilitate this, you will use some form of correction collar on the dog.  These collars are designed to gain the dog's attention quickly, and if used correctly, in a humane manner.  You will not manhandle your dog.  Rather, you will let the dog know that together, you are in a schooling situation; you as teacher, the dog as student.  When you have the right size collar placed on the dog correctly, the collar is attached to the lead properly, you are holding the lead appropriately, and using both collar and lead as directed, you will be amazed at how quickly your dog responds to you as a dog handler.  I repeat:

1.  Have the right size collar for your dog.

2.  Have the collar on the dog correctly.

3.  Have the collar attached properly to the lead.

4.  Hold the lead appropriately.

5.  Apply a suitable "Pop-and-Release" attention-getting correction.

Something's wrong with my collar and lead.

I don't deserve to be choked. I can't consentrate. I'm not happy.


(The above photo shows a dog trying to forge ahead.  The collar is probably on wrong and definately the handler has no slack in the lead.  This is a good example of using the correction collar and lead incorrectly.  The handler is sabotaging everything.  The dog is choking as it strains against the collar/lead and the handler has absolutely no slack left in the lead to make any correction that is needed to help the dog understand what is expected of it.  The dog's not learning anything positive.)

If you fail to comprehend and perform any of these things you will jeopardize your success, like the two poor dogs on this page, they are uncomfortable and unhappy.  Rather, set yourself and your dog up for success, not frustration and  failure.

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