Play Time, Yahoo

Play Time

Yahoo, I'm playing with my partner

When I was holding down a job (well over 40 hours per week) I did not take vacations for many consecutive years.  When I finally did take one I was astounded to personally find that it did make a difference in so many ways.  Mainly I was refreshed and ready to go back.  The same is true of your dogs, except they do not do well if you ship them by themselves to Hawaii for two weeks.  Instead, make sure that you take time out of your daily schedule to do something with your dog.  It is going to rejuvenate both of you.  Dogs love to have their masters to themselves.  It does not need to be for a long period but at least give it 15 minutes.  You can do whatever you want together, but I caution you not to practice any obedience training.  That would not be fair.  This is down time for you both.  Just enjoy each other, be in the moment.  Sometimes, when I find that I am on overload status I simply take a break and seek my dog's company.  Works every time.  I distinctly hear my dog say "Thanks" and I answer "Ditto".

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