Prerequisites To Starting Sound AwarenessTraining

Prerequisits to starting sound awareness training

Collie listens for its special sound


Before you start your sound awareness training there are prerequisites you need to address.

1.  Prepare your home for the dog's arrival.

2. Select a veterinarian and make an appointment.

3.  Select two support groups: a dog friendly group and a dementia awareness group.

4.  Familiarize your dog with your home and your routine.

5.  Housebreak your dog.

6.  Crate train your dog.

7.  Select a surrogate patient.

8.  Select a place in your home to train.

9. Keep a logbook.

Each of the above are important and must be completed before you even think about starting to train your dog.  I want you to win in this undertaking and I know from experience how necessary it is to set yourself and your dog up to win.  Just like in baseball, you can not make a scoring run unless you have touched all bases in sequence.  The same is true now.  You can not start by jumping  into the middle of training and you have to complete things in a specified order.  Otherwise, you will not have a happy, well-adjusted, working team (you and your dog) as the end result.   By taking your time and accomplishing each part of the whole in  logical sequence you will be successful in training your dog.  You will be a working team.

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