Spay/Neuter Your Assistance Dog


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Sex will always take top priority in a non-spayed/neutered dog's life

You have trained your Alzheimer's assistance dog to take its sound-awareness job seriously.  It knows that it must be on duty 24/7.  Non-neutered males certainly have only one thing on their minds when a bitch is in season and within smelling distance.  There is no way that he is going to give his sound work job top priority over (dare I say it?) sex.  A female in season will also be distracted from her work.  Sex again.  Once she has her pups "motherhood" will be her biggest concern.  You can not expect your dog, either male or female, to not be diverted by Mother Nature.  Sound awareness will come in second place every time.  Neither you nor your dog need this major, repeated  distraction.  The best thing you can do is eliminate it entirely.  Have your dog spayed/neutered.  Now, you can expect your dog to target its sound at all times.  It does not matter if the dog is eating, sleeping, playing, investigating whatevers, it should always be listening for its special sound.  And, by the way, your dog is expecting you to play your role every time it alerts you, without exception.  Together, no matter what each of you may be doing, you need to successfully fullfill your respective parts.  You are a team. 


Mothers do not have time for sound work

Mothers will take care of their pups before giving attention to their sound work


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