Speak Softly… Go Gently

Speak SoftlyGo Gently

Speak Softly
Go Gently

I watched a TV special about the grand Lipizzaner Stallions and was amazed to learn that for all of these horses lives they are spoken to "softly" as in "horse whispering", as opposed to being yelled at, and forced with a heavy hand.  Their trainers walk gently and speak softly... and just look at the results!  Click went the light bulb in my head.  The same is true for canines...dog whispering.    If you want your dog to really hear you then speak softly and display gentle body language.  Isn't it also true for us humans too?  We hear a whisper much better than a threatening yell, we tend to trust a whisper not an over-bearing, aggressive shout.  How exciting for me to find endorsement for my "dog whispering" tendencies, by none other than the world renowned Lipizzaner trainers.  It came  naturally for me, it made sense, and it works.  I endorse this method for all of you to employ.  You will get better results that will remain with both your dog and you.  Use and pass along.

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