Support Groups


Support Groups

You are not alone

There are two support groups that will help you in your roles as chief caregiver and trainer. 

1.  A dog friendly support group

2. A dementia awareness support group

Set yourself up to win in your duel role as chief caregiver and canine trainer.  It will be a comfort to you to have people in your life that are dog savvy and others that are aware of and knowledgeable about dementia.   Knowing that you are not alone, that others are facing similar challenges is comforting, smart, and practical.  Look into your own life and see the rich resources that are already there.  Your veterinarian, dog trainers, animal shelters, friends who have dogs, your Church, your local Alzheimer's chapter, both public and professional individuals in your patient's life, friends, family members that are not in denial, doctors, nurses, caseworkers, your state's resources in aging, and day care centers for adults.  These and many more resources are there for you.  You should be taping into them.  Seek them out and make contact.

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