bad behavior

Canine Bad Habits Are Intolerable

Bad behavior is not allowed

Canine bad manners can interfere with the dog's ability to perform its job


Bad habits are not acceptable in a dog that you are relying upon to be your partner.  Catch the negative behavior early and replace with a good habit.  This means you must be ever vigilant.  You expect your children to have good manners, likewise for your dog.  You do not have the time nor money to be constantly cleaning up canine messes or worse replacing items that the dog has destroyed.  Bad manners are not conducive to promoting a healthy human/animal partnership.  Being ashamed of your canine's bad behavior is not going to help you, or others, to want to have your dog around.  Conversely, a dog that understands and is contented to obey your rules is the dog that you will be happy to have by your side.  Remember your dog craves your love so be sure to let it know when it has pleased you.

Don't let negative habits develop in the first place.  I'm not advocating that you aggressively thrash your dog but let it know when its behavior is not acceptable.  You must be observant and consistent in reinforcing your expectations.  If you allow your "cute little dogie" to get away with things then it will become a monster and its your fault.  In a humane manner let your dog know what you will allow and be prepared to reinforce your rules.  The better manners and obedience your dog has, the better it will perform its work task.  There is a definite correlation.  So keep your dog focused and sharp in manners and it will willingly give you its best work performance.

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