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Chief Caregiver Is Also The Trainer

Chief caregiver is also the trainer

Contented dogs in training

Committment:     The chief caregiver/trainer must be committed to their dog and know that they are going to practice twice a day (approximately 15 minutes each session), five days (two days off) each week,  for at least eight months.  Caregivers enjoy working with their dogs and vice-versa.  Make the sessions into fun times for both of you.

Communication:    The chief caregiver/trainer must be tuned into their dog for the rest of the dog's life--similar to parents with their children.  The chief caregiver/trainer must learn how to "talk to" and "read" their dog.  Canines have a wonderful language, each voice unique--as is yours to them.  

Goal Setting:     The chief caregiver/trainer must be able to establish goals, be consistent and persistent.  They must explore their own motives, be honest with themselves and dedicated. 

Goal Evaluation:    The chief caregiver/trainer must be able to review their goals to see if they are on target or not.  If not, then why not?  If goals are obtainable then keep going.  Don't loose your sense of humor and don't give up.  Take an alternate route if you must but continue onto your goal. 




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