Benefits Of Having A Specially Trained Dog In the Home

Benefits of Having Specially Trained Dogs

Smiling is one benefit from having a trained dog


Help for the Alzheimer's Patient and Caretaker

Following is a list of benefits for having an Alzheimer's Assistance Dog to help the patient and the caregiver at home.

Dogs specially trained can alert for possible wandering situations so that caregiver(s) can get some sleep.

Dogs can bring patients back to reality.

Dogs keep patients occupied.

Dogs are wonderful listeners.

Dogs reduce stress levels making it possible for patients to sleep.

Dogs encourage their non-verbal patients to reach out physically and "talk to them" breaking the isolation.

Dogs help patients interact with other people.

Dogs give people and professionals a subject to talk about with their patients.

Dogs can act as "welcome mats" and icebreakers.

Dogs can break the impasse when patients do not want to do a task.

Dogs are naturals when it comes to providing surveillance over their patients.  Dogs are loving sentinels.

Dogs can help caregivers and family members deal with their grief after the loss of their patients.  Dogs may grieve too.

Dogs reduce stress levels.  Caregivers, patients, and family members benefit from their dogs' love and attention.


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