Your Alzheimer’s Dog Can Be Your Life Saver


Alzheimers' dogs can be life savers

In reality your Alzheimer's dog could prove it is your life-saver

All of us have heard about, perhaps even know about, those Lassie type dogs that bound into reality in the nick of time to save a family member.  I am also very aware that stories like these can be true.  One of the hearing dogs I had trained did save her hearing impaired master.  She was honored by receipt of hearing dog of the year, an International award.  She sat calmly beside her master when they received their award.  I watched while tears ran down my cheeks, I was so proud.  Another dog, an Alzheimer's dog that I had trained self-started one night, alerting her mistress to the fact that the Alzheimer's patient was wandering and had turned on the gas stove leaving it unattended.  If the dog had not alerted her mistress the home would have burned, perhaps the people and dog too.  So, keep the fact in your mind when your dog is testing your patience, that you are training a very special canine, one that once trained will be capable of offering you loving surveillance, not to mention the myriad of therapeutic benefits.  How does one put a price tag on that?

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