Testing For The Right Dog

Testing for the right dog

Dogs to be tested


Rather than selecting any dog why not stack the deck for success and choose the dog that has the most qualities that it will need to learn its job?  There is a testing process during which you should write down what you observed and your "gut" feelings.  You are trying to find the best possible candidate.  Remember that it is wrong to ask a dog to do something it cannot do, as opposed to will not do.  Big difference.  After testing several canines you will begin to see the differences in each dog.  These dissimilarities and each dog's unique characteristics will become evident during the testing situation.  Tests are not fool-proof; they have their limitations but they lead your thinking in the right direction.  You are not going to find a dog that has all the traits you want in it.  Some dogs you will like others your won't.  Why?  Further, an Alzheimer's dog needs "heart", a willingness to please.  If a dog has just about everything  going for it but does not have a willingness to please, it may not be the dog you want to work with.

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