What’s the size of an Alzheimer’s dog?


What size is an Alzheimers dog

I'm size small but my heart is gigantic. I'll get my job done.

Sizes of Alzheimers Dogs
I'm extra large in size and spirit. I'll get the job done too.

Alzheimer's dogs can come in any size, shape, color.  So, for those of you that already have a dog that you feel would be able to learn the Alzheimer's dog's work task---you do not have to be concerned about your dog's size.

For those people who do not yet have a dog I would strongly advise that you get my book CAREGIVER FOLLOW ME because I have addressed, in detail, exactly what ingredients (traits) you want to have in your dog so that you have set the dog up to be able to learn what it has to know.  Why not make it as easy for yourself as trainer and your dog as student?

Now is the time for you to stack the deck.  I have also given you the actual test that you will be using in order to test various dogs to be able to determine that you have the best canine trainee possible.

As I've stated in the book, it is not a full proof test but it is the best that the world has to offer.  After you've tested a few dogs you will understand what I mean when I say that you can actually see the differences in the dogs you've tested.

I am a firm believer that it is wrong to ask a dog to do something that it can not do.  There is such a big difference between not being able to do something as opposed to won't do something.

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